Empowered Empaths

Empowered Empaths

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2KeYqaOZus&t=1 Leila Sun and Cahlen Lee have a conversation on Empaths, their challenges and the benefits of embracing their abilities.

Empowering Transformation with Leila Sun

My guest for this episode is Leila Sun (also known as the Lyme Whisperer). She is a medium and survivor of Lyme disease. Leila’s belief is that healing an unhappy heart or a sad soul is as paramount to healing from Lyme and rebuilding and restoring your physical...

Lyme Disease & the BodyGuard

Learn how to use The Bodyguard foot detox bath with frequency generator to help your body reduce heavy metals, virus, bacteria, mold/myco-toxins, parasites and toxins that contribute to Lyme. I have used a high quality and well known foot detox bath and The Bodyguard...