What Is An Empowered Empath?

You Might Be an Empowered Empath if…

You know that you are wired differently.
You know how to stay grounded and centered.
You know what your intuitive gifts are and can name them.
You enjoy getting paid for helping people.

You know how to manage your delicate nervous system.
You know how to set boundaries and communicate clearly.
You know what to do when you absorb other people’s energy and emotions.

You practice mindfulness on a daily basis.
You have cultivated emotional intelligence.
You have a strong love and connection to spirit, source and the earth.
You know how to clear your mental, emotional, spiritual and energy bodies.

You are ready to step out into the world with your gifts.
You no longer hide and are ready to serve.

You communicate clearly, wisely and with love.
You are ready to create a business and accept money for your gifts.

You know how to navigate conflict, anxiety and life’s challenges.
You are no longer a victim.
You feel empowered and clear on your mission in life.

You Lose a Big Piece of Your Soul…

When your mission in life and why you came here goes unfulfilled.
When you ignore, hide and suppress your inner knowing and wisdom.
When do not channel your gifts in a way where you are able to receive a monetary exchange.

This causes pain, depression and anxiety, which often leads to addiction. The gifts that you were born with are your mission in life and meant to be used.

“Be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.”- Rumi