Psychic Readings, Counseling, Massage, Pet Consultations, House Clearing & Spiritual Cleansing

Empowerment Counseling/Coaching

Are you feeling confused, anxious or depressed about your life. Uncertain about where to go next or how to move forward? Were you raised by or are you in a relationship with a narcissist? Do you feel stuck and unable to heal old familial and ancestral trauma, beliefs and emotions? Are you an empath struggling with how to set boundaries and not take on peoples mood & energy?

I will coach you on anything in your life that is draining and wearing you down.

From teaching you how to unravel familial trauma, set emotional and energetic boundaries, asking for what you want and need, cleanse your auric field, stay grounded and centered, connect with your inner child and bring joy back into your life. I will get to the bottom of what is keeping you stuck and support you in moving forward.

Investment In Your Joy & Well Being Creates Ease & Contentment  

$135 (75) minute – $95 (50) minute – Package rate available 

 “Oh my you speak so clearly, so intuitively, so aware, so awesome it feels as though spirit is speaking to me through you, in such a big way, I’m blown away. I knew there was something about you, I know you are real which helps me be real, so I can heal and I need that, love to you, much love to you.” – Roger

Health Coaching

I have the ability to get to the bottom of what you need to finally reclaim your health. Having recovered from lyme, mold, cfs, fm, migraines etc. I have a diverse knowledge base, along with intuitive insights into stubborn health challenges.

Investment In Your Health                                                                                                                                                                            $135 75 (min) – $95 (50) min Package rate available

“I am so grateful to work with you, Leila! My life and health is changing so fast… never thought I could get so far so quickly. Thank you for your mentorship, energy work, intuitive coaching, health wisdom.” Sean

Empowerment Coaching & Detoxification Rejuvenation Combination Session

Is your nervous system frazzled, your body run down? Are you spinning out, feeling ungrounded and in constant overwhelm?        Then this client favorite healing session is for you.

Enjoy a deeply rejuvenating, mentally restorative, physically detoxifying and nervous system reset.

We begin with a gentle smudge and energetic clearing. Followed by a life, business, health or relationship empowerment coaching session. Finishing with a detoxification session of your choice, far infrared sauna or raindrop essential oil massage.

Coaching, Detoxification & Nervous System Reset – Includes a 60 min empowerment coaching session, 30 min raindrop essential oil massage, followed by a 30 min detoxification in the far infrared sauna $175

Rejuvenation & Detoxification Sessions

Raindrop Essential Oil  – Nervous System Reset Massage 30 min and far infrared sauna 30 min $80                                                  Ion Cleanse Foot Detox Bath & Fir Sauna – 30 minutes & Far Infrared Sauna 30 minute combination $80                                          Ion Cleanse Foot of Hand Detox Bath + Nutrition Consult – Initial Sessions $75 follow up $50

Psychic Readings

Do you feel paralyzed by fear and uncertainty about a major life decision? Perhaps this decision relates to your relationships, health, where you live or what career path to follow.

You shouldn’t have to make major life decisions alone. Receive specific practical, insightful and clear guidance. Along with support in reconnecting with your inner wisdom and intuitive knowing.

“Thank you for yesterday. It really helped me make another step forward in my journey. You were very on spot with everything you said. It was actually shocking how accurate you were.” – Samantha 

Investment In Peace Of Mind Creates A Happy Heart $150

House Clearings

Are you about to buy a new home or do you live in an old home with undesirable energy, funky cold stale rooms, scary dark smelly basements, creepy outdoor spaces where nothing grows or do you hear or see things out of the corner of our eye?

I will remotely scan and check out your space, give you insight into what is going on, and then cleanse it along with sharing  practical and grounding Feng Shui remedies and tools to anchor in the clearing. 

Investment In A Cleansed Home Creates A Peaceful Heart  $150 

“Leila came to my home to clear the energy in an area of my house that felt very stagnant to me. Using her intuitive skills, she was quickly able to hone in on the problem and she was able to locate the mold and radon. After she cleared the space, I could immediately feel the difference in the energy. It felt much more clear and less stuck. Leila is not only highly intuitive, she is a skilled professional who has an amazing array of tools. She is also compassionate and kind and clearly cares about her clientele. I would highly recommend Leila!” – Susan

Spiritual Clearing

Are you feeling out of sorts, spacey, ungrounded, disconnected and/or dissonant? Are the things that used to make you feel better no longer working? Is your life out of control and you feel like you can’t connect to your higher self? Are you having weird thoughts and feelings floating through your head?  Are you up all night?  Does your life no longer flow?

I will scan, cleanse and clear you remotely. Give you a reading and empower you with tools to stay clear

“I feel like I am being freed in some magical, spiritual way! You nailed it in everything that it brought me to tears. God bless your intuitive gifts. I feel so lucky to have found you!” – Evangelina

Investment In Clearing Dissonant Energy Creates Peace Of Body, Mind & Soul  $150 

Pet Consultation

Has your pet been plagued with health issues and you’re ready for an alternative holistic assessment of what is causing your pet’s health challenges? Let’s get to the bottom of what is causing your pet to be in pain and create an optimal program designed to rebuild and support your canine or feline friend physically as well as emotionally.

Remember your pet’s take on your health challenges. Often healing for your pet requires life style changes from you.

“You helped me pull my dog through Parvo and my other dog through hip dysplasia, am so grateful for your vast knowledge base.” – Lily 

Investment In Your Pets Health & Well Being Creates Joy – $150 Initial In Depth Consultation, Includes 20 min Follow Up .


Sliding scale is available for clients who can’t afford my regular fees. You can take off to 20%

“Leila appeared in my life at the perfect moment, and saw to the core of my issue within the first 10 minutes of us speaking. It of course took me much longer to accept and address the issue, and she was perfectly respectful and supportive through the entire process. My life has since transformed completely into something better than I had dared to imagine!” – Cahlen Lee

Invest In Your Peace of Body, Mind & Spirit & A Happy Heart Will Follow

“Leila, I feel at peace after speaking with you the other night. Once I released the tears, a feeling of serenity and hope made way into my heart. Listening to my inner compass will bring me to the hands of healing. I am really hoping that we can stay in contact throughout this chapter in my life.I have to say, In the short amount of time I spoke with you…your energy was amazing.You truly have a gift. You helped me so much in the short amount of time we talked.”
– Deborah H.