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E     A                        &     Along a EMPOWe, health & business

I Specialize In Empowering Empaths To Shine 

                                   Do you feel overwhelmed by life’s daily tasks, relationships or ongoing conflict within yourself or those around you?                                     Are these unresolved issues causing you anxiety, depression, insomnia & health problems? 

                       If so then it is time to unpack your the ancestral & familial trauma & identify why you are the black sheep & scapegoat in your family.              Along with inner child & shadow work followed be celebrating your special essence.

              We will Identify the types of childhood or present abuse cycles and overall challenges, in the way of living life on your terms.

From narcissistic abuse – to verbal, mental, emotional covert and overt abuse from family, friends or your partner.

                                                 You will learn how to communicate your thoughts and feelings in a healthy and empowering way.                                                                                                                                               Without fear of being criticized or attacked.                                                                                                            All the while learning how to discern who it is safe to share and set boundaries with.

                                         We will then focus on how to recognize when you are energetically taking on others peoples thoughts and feelings.                                      Learn how to clear, ground, center & regulate your nervous system, along with cleansing your energy field. 

                                                                   I will help you identify who you came here to be and how you are meant to serve.                                                                                                                        What gifts you have, how to develop them and get paid to use them by creating a business.                                                         As you deserve to be compensated for your intuitive gifts.

My coaching is gentle, with a dash of humor, play and lots of empowerment. I offer powerful tools, tailored to your individual goals and needs. Designed to empower, enlighten, educate and enrich you.

              My passion and life’s work is to support empaths to heal from a place of quite desperation to a place of hope and empowerment,               where they can be their authentic selves and be the highly sensitive EMPOWERED person they are meant to be.

 As an empath, I understand that you are wired differently, make decisions from an internal non linear place, that you allow your heart to lead, that you are  are highly sensitive to sound, bright lights, large crowds. Are introverted around those you do not feel safe with, need a lot of down time & observe things that most do not.

I see being an empath or neurodivergent as a gift.

Unfortunately in the world our ways of being have become pathologized, instead of honored & embraced, as they would in indigenous communities.

My own journey led me to take the reigns of my own health issues and heal from lyme, mold, chronic fatigue & migraines. Once I had a handle on my health challenges it was time to unravel my core life issues, familial and ancestral trauma, recover from narcissistic abuse and claim my intuitive gifts by opening a business. Online, 2 health and wellness centers and 2 herb stores.

If you are wondering whether or not my coaching is a good fit for you, there is an easy way to find out.

Simply schedule a complimentary phone call designed to help me learn more about what you need and looking for in a coach and to see if any of my programs or coaching options are a good fit. I am able to customize a coaching program based on your specific needs. Please know that there is no obligation or pressure to pursue coaching unless it is what you want.

Once we have had our free introductory session, I will then send you an email listing pricing options based on what you can pay and on how many sessions I think you will need to reach your desired goals. 

I look forward to speaking with you. In joy and service, Leila

Email me here to schedule your complimentary getting to know you session.

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