Lyme & Health Academy for Empaths

A 4-month private coaching program designed to help you transform your relationship with Lyme disease or with any chronic health challenge.

Dear Sensitive Lyme Warrior & Health Challenged Empath,

It is my belief that healing an unhappy heart and a sad soul is just as paramount to healing Lyme as healing the physical body. Your body is an amazing biofeedback system and in this sense Lyme is your friend as well as your teacher. When you can honor your disease and the lessons it has to teach you, your body, mind and spirit will transform.

Imagine being able to…

  • Show up fully in your relationships and career.
  • Spend quality time with family, friends and dear ones.
  • Express yourself through creative projects.
  • Be able to travel and enjoy life.
  • Have the energy to embark on physical adventures.
  • Know how to navigate your delicate nervous system.

“Transform Lyme” is the only Lyme program of its kind to help you achieve these results and more using cutting edge vibrational detox devices, deeply powerful relaxation, family constellation work, addictions counseling, empath empowerment work, energy work, nutrition, intuition and a combination of other powerful healing modalities.

This program is designed to support people who are aware that unresolved familial and ancestral trauma, along with being a highly sensitive empath with a delicate nervous system, plays a role in your healing. Directly impacting your ability to heal and sustain your overall health and wellness.

If you are ready to address the mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic aspects of your body that need healing, then this program is for you.

I look forward to guiding you through your Lyme journey,


Please note – Coaching is not a substitute for medical advice from a physician.
I am not a medical doctor or a licensed medical professional, as such I do not diagnose, treat or prescribe.

Program Outcomes

Depending on your unique situation, below are some the specific results you can
look forward to and enjoy when you join this program:

Physical Outcomes
  • Revitalize your nervous system – sleep through the night and wake feeling rested
  • Reset your hormones – have more energy
  • Reduce pain, inflammation and illness
  • Reboot your immune, neurological and digestive systems
  • Gently and consistently detox from heavy metals and chemicals
  • Minimize herxheimer reactions and know what to do when they occur
Mental Outcomes
  • Regain control of your daily thoughts so they stop sabotaging your day and life
  • Revisit and rewrite your biography so you can rebuild your biology
  • Build neuropathways by creating new life stories
Emotional Outcomes
  • Immediately stop your emotional despair from taking over your day and your life
  • Release the emotional trauma that turned on your disease genes and learn how you can turn your healthy genes back on
  • Use the feelings around your illness to empower you on all levels, feel hopeful, inspired and empowered
Energetic Outcomes
  • Master daily cleansing rituals to clear yourself from other people’s toxic thoughts, emotions and energies
  • Release old ancestral patterns and karmic contracts causing anxiety and depression
  • Learn extreme self care techniques to unwind your energy sensitive nervous system
Spiritual Outcomes
  • Cultivate a spiritual practice that will guide you when you are in pain or feel hopeless
  • Learn how to unconditionally love yourself throughout your healing journey
  • Release any judgement, impatience or ill feelings toward yourself for being sick
  • Understand that Lyme is your best friend and will teach you where you need to grow
  • Reawaken and align with your true and authentic self

Lyme & Health Academy for Empaths

When you join Lyme Academy for Empaths you will learn how to transform your mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic bodies, as well as the physical.

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”

Joseph Campbell

In this program you will receive:

Fifteen (75) minute sessions – Schedule these sessions whenever you like throughout your 4-month program.

Your session will include:

  • Unraveling followed by rebuilding your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic bodies.
  • Getting to the bottom of what is keeping you stuck and preventing you from healing.
  • Learning how to use specific tools and techniques to move forward and shift old patterns and behaviors.
  • Teaching you how to use 3 different ways to use kinesiology or muscles to test yourself.
  • Understanding the 2 types of detox mistakes most people with Lyme make that keeps them from healing.
  • Discovering how to best detox your body safely and effectively in a way that leaves you feeling peacefully energergized.
  • With your permission, remotely scanning and doing energy to help expedite your healing.
  • Understanding why being a highly sensitive empath directly impacts your ability to heal.
  • How shifting from feeling like a victim to being empowered helps you to sustain your healing.

You will also receive:

  • Email Access If you have a question or want to share a celebration you may feel free to email me and I will respond during business hours.
  • Recipes – Receive recipes designed to strengthen and make you stronger on all levels.

While most sessions include a combination of the therapies above, your time will be customized to meet you where you are in the moment. For example, if when you call we find that you would benefit most from coaching on detox methods and how to clear yourself from your narcissistic parent or spouse, we will spend our time focused on that.

Investment for Lyme Academy for Empaths is $3333

Investment for Health Academy for Empaths is $2222

These 2 separate programs are  4-months and include fifteen 75-minute one-on-one phone coaching sessions and unlimited email access. When you join Lyme or Health Academy for Empaths you will learn how to transform your mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic bodies, as well as the physical.

In order to sign up, you will need to schedule a complimentary Lyme or Health Discovery Session.

                              If you are financially challenged, yet fully committed to taking radical responsibility for your life.                                                  Paypal offers a card where no interest will be charged on your purchase if you pay it off in full within 6 months

                                         Payment plans are available upon request. Payment is taken via Paypal, check or cash.

“Be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.”- Rumi

Quick Facts About Lyme Disease (According to Dr. Jernigan)

  • Lyme Disease is initiated by a spiral-shaped bacteria (spirochete) called Borrelia burgdorferi, but the actual disease always involves loss of the body’s control of several different “co-infections” of virtually every microbial class, i.e., viral, mycoplasma, fungal, parasitic.
  • Toxins from the bacteria are actually the primary cause of all of your symptoms!
  • Lifelong optimal health can be achieved even if every single Lyme spirochete in your body has not been killed.
  • It is well recognized that the best natural or pharmaceutical antibiotics can, at best, only kill 85% of the target bacteria in the body.
  • Antibiotics may do more harm than good. Antibiotics can activate bacteriophages (viruses) that infect the Lyme spirochetes and insert their toxin-generating genes into the bacterial chromosomes.
  • These viruses can turn basically harmless bacterium into killers through this genetic sequencing of toxins by causing the bacteria to produce greater amounts of neurotoxins (nervous system poisons).
  • The allopathic philosophy of medicine (antibiotics, etc.) often predisposes one to Post-Lyme Syndrome (PLS).
  • After prolonged illness, a person would not likely be symptom-free or truly healthy even if it were possible to kill every spirochete, because restoring health requires more than killing the bacteria.
  • It is possible to have Lyme spirochetes and yet never manifest any symptoms.
  • The unique symptoms experienced by an individual are from the microbes revealing a person’s weakest, and therefore most vulnerable, areas in the body.

  • High-powered microscopes have revealed that our bodies are a soup of innumerable and greatly unrecognized microbes. There are 20 times more microbes than cells in your body. Another way of saying this is that 90% of the cells in your body are microbes.
  • A Herxheimer reaction (herx) is a sign of a poor treatment plan and is unnecessary. A herx greatly increases the toxic load on the body; at its worst, it can kill an illness-weakened patient outright. A herx can temporarily or permanently disable the body, mind and spirit.
  • The unique symptoms experienced by an individual are from the microbes revealing a persons weakest and therefore most vulnerable area of the body.
  • The sustained restoration of the optimal function and integrity of the body, mind, and spirit will naturally resolve any infection.
  • No microbe can replicate at will or unchecked in a healthy body.
  • A component in your blood called albumin is six times stronger than penicillin as a bacteriostatic (preventing microbial replication).
  • Until the patient’s body can maintain microbial balance without the help of medications, the patient will never reach the point of not needing the medications.
  • Some of the best research facility laboratories report that they have rarely found any person’s blood to be completely clear of spirochetes, even after every type of long term natural or pharmaceutical intervention.
  • Tick bites are not the only way to get Lyme disease.
  • Less than half the people diagnosed with disease ever have a bulls-eye rash.

Empowering Transformation. In this episode you will learn how to empower your transformation to health. The mental and emotional aspects and common threads in those with Lyme disease are discussed along with many tools that may help people on their journey to wellness.

The Bodyguard Foot Ion Body Detox Device. Join Leila Sun as she interviews the creator Christopher Cody on how his device can reduce heavy metals, pathogens, mycotoxins and parasites and reduce inflammation, helping to expedite your transformation from Lyme and chronic illness.

The 5 Steps To Healing Lyme & Chronic Illness for Empaths. Join Leila Sun for an informative talk on how being an un-empowered empath directly affects your ability to heal. Learn how to empower yourself,  heal and move forward with your life.

Lyme & Health Academy for Empaths is One of a Kind.

It is the only program that addresses your body holistically on all levels. You are more than just a physical body.

On a daily basis you are processing thoughts, emotions and energies all around you. How you manage this directly impacts your nervous system, affecting your ability to heal.

In order to sustain your healing, it is paramount that you detox, nourish and love yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and energetically.

As someone who had debilitating Lyme for most of my life, who is an energy sensitive empath, I understand what it takes to come out the other side of this incredibly life-consuming challenge.

I am well-versed in cutting edge vibrational energy and detox devices, deeply powerful relaxation methods, energy work, herbs, food as nourishment, insightful and intuitive.

Are you ready to go from feeling chronically exhausted, brain fogged and in pain to peacefully energized, thinking clearly and no longer suffering?

Then I look forward to guiding you through your Lyme journey.


Working with Leila Sun has been life changing. She has helped me on multiple levels, physical, emotional, spiritual, and karmic. At the time of writing this I have been working with Lelia for about six months. In that time I let go of a third of the physical possessions I no longer needed, moved into a more healthy living situation, let go of a job that was no longer serving me, and quit drinking alcohol. Though all of this change I feel healthier and stronger than I have in decades.

As much as you are willing to let go and heal, Lelia can support you in that process. Lelia’s work is very powerful, but it is gentle because she starts with building up your system, nourishing you, empowering and giving you strength to let go of what is holding you back. This starts on a physical level, giving your body the minerals, vitamins, and nutrients it needs so that you can flush out toxins, parasites, or whatever has taken root in your body. When I started working with Lelia I presented with severe chronic shoulder pain. I had been experiencing this pain for about eight years and had had multiple injuries. I had tried physical therapy, massage, chiropractic an nothing really alleviated the pain. After about 4 sessions with Lelia I was able to move my shoulder with almost no pain! Through working with her I was able to release the toxins and stagnation that would not let go with other therapies. Later we discovered a connection between this pain and war trauma that my father had experienced in Vietnam. I was also able to work though and let go of fear that was rooted in my mother’s past health problems and feel empowered to make my own decisions about my health and start healing my own body in a way that felt right for me.

Through letting go of this fear and understanding the karmic connections to my family I’ve been able to explore who I really want to be and what I really want to do with my life. It has been liberating and life changing. Lelia is a joy to work with, and I recommend her to anyone who is on a journey of healing.


KaI had the honor of getting to know Leila quite some time ago and can only highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to overcome Lyme disease. I know how she has been suffering from this disease for half of her life. But whats most amazing to me is how she managed to overcome all of that and create such an incredible wealth of knowledge and wisdom she’s now passing on to people in need.

I admire Leila so much for her passion to help others in mastering this terrible disease, I know from the bottom of my heart, that she is a powerful teacher, healer and even more than that she is a beautiful soul with the ability to bring healing to people. I highly, highly recommend her service to everybody who seeks healing from Lyme. Leila is your source to go to and heal!

Ka Sundance

San Isidro, Costa Rica

I am so grateful to work with you, Leila! My life and health is changing so fast…never thought I could get so far so quickly. Thank you for your mentorship, energy work, intuitive coaching, health wisdom. I am learning so much and really feel I can reverse patterns of stuck energy and kick life long Lyme within 6 months to a year. You are such a blessings to the chronic illness and highly sensitive community. I have paid many people to do so many services and you offer it all with your vast experience and understanding. Your guidance is so rare for those of us in the Lyme/CFS community. THANK YOU.

Sean S.