Wake Up Empath Academy

Wake Up Empath is a one of a kind, unique, insightful, eye opening and fun 5-step program designed to help you become an Empowered Empath. 

Wake Up Empath & Thrive!

Rise UP & Experience The Joy of Being An Awakened Empath 

Did you know that you have a unique physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energy body? 

While non-empaths are in touch with their physical and mental bodies. Empaths have the ability to engage with all five – including the emotional, spiritual and energetic bodies. 

This mean you have access to more intelligence, complexity and holistic experiences than non-empaths. 

Sadly, most empaths do not realize how incredibly gifted and multifaceted they are and engage in comparing themselves with non-empaths – leaving them feeling defeated and deflated.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           On top of that, empaths by nature are codependent and often lack boundaries. And need to learn how to stop dialing in other peoples energy and feeling obligated to take care of everyone else.

My signature program Wake Up Empath Academy – will help you to discover and align with your needs, wants and desires, not others.

Encourage and allow you to become more conscious of your self sabotaging, co dependent, victim behaviors.

Help you to discover and identify where these behaviors come from.

Stop unconsciously carrying your ancestral and familial trauma, thats’s keeping you stuck in a trauma loop.

Along with giving you simple tools and methods, that when used consistently, will help you break free of old trauma patterns, no longer yours to carry. So you can create anew. 

Empaths are often under spiritual contract to be the ones in their family to break maternal and paternal lines of ancestral karma, patterns, hex, witching and just plain nasty and unhelpful perpetuated and unconscious beliefs. 

My unique program will ultimately teach you how to nourish and empower yourself on 5 levels – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and energetically.

Sanctioning  you to liberate your familial line and yourself from heartbreak, drama and damage, from years of abuse conscious and unconscious. You are the chosen one in your family to bring in the love and hold the light.

So while you might feel like the black sheep and victim with no voice, you are actually the warrior and goddess for the healing of your family. 

Though your family may not accept or be interested in your medicine, cause as an empath, your sheer being and loving who you are is powerful in and of itself.

Rest and feel excited knowing that you are fulfilling your mission in this precious life. Rise Up and shine your light, walk and talk  – wisely with a sword by you side and love in your heart.

Discover Your Exquisite Shining Nature

To flourish as an empath and step into the warriorress that is your nature. You must learn how to navigate, nurture and nourish all 5 bodies, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic – through the practice of spiritual hygiene. 

With The Art Of Spiritual Hygiene You Will Learn How To: 

  • Master all 5 aspects of your being
  • Stay firmly grounded and centered through external chaos
  • Regulate your delicate nervous system from daily life overload
  • Clear your energy from people, places, and things 
  • Liberate yourself from familial and ancestral trauma 

Plus, As You Honor Your Deeper Empath Abilities You Will: 

  • Reclaim your self-esteem from being gaslit by narcissistic parents
  • Step out of the illusion of drama and deepen your self-trust
  • Treasure your knowing, seeing, hearing and all of your intuitive gifts
  • Re-script your life using shamanic and energy medicine practices
  • Shift your focus from victim to warriorress


During Your 5 Week Wake Up Empath Academy Program:

Week 1: Focus on your physical health –  nourishment, food detox, supp, herbs, emotions, thoughts, familial history

Week 2: Focus on your mental body health – what are your beliefs, thought patterns, family stories

Week 3: Focus on your emotional health – are you in touch with your feelings, how do you handle anger, pain, trauma

Week 4: Focus on your spiritual health – who do go to for guidance, love or support, do  believe in a higher power

Week 5: Focus on your energetic health – how do you nurture and clear your delicate nervous system/energy body

Wake Up & Thrive Through Practicing Spiritual Hygiene 

When you have the tools to cleanse, nourish and love all aspects of yourself, you will truly flourish. 

Each week I create safe and sacred space and utilize EMPOWERING transformational life and health coaching techniques, including:

Family Trauma Work

Holistic Addictions Counseling

Energy Medicine Healing Techniques

Intuitive Insights & Downloads

Practical Tools for Grounding, Clearing & Aligning

These skills have been developed over years of personal and professional experience working with trauma, abuse, anxiety and chronic illness. Together, we will help you Thrive and Love your exquisite empathic intuitive nature . 


Program Outcomes

Depending on your unique situation, below are some the specific results you can
look forward to and enjoy when you join this program:

Physical Outcomes
  • Revitalize your nervous system – sleep through the night and wake feeling rested
  • Reset your hormones – have more energy
  • Reduce pain, inflammation and illness
  • Reboot your immune, neurological and digestive systems
  • Gently and consistently detox from heavy metals and chemicals
  • Minimize herxheimer reactions and know what to do when they occur
Mental Outcomes
  • Regain control of your daily thoughts so they stop sabotaging your day and life
  • Revisit and rewrite your biography so you can rebuild your biology
  • Build neuropathways by creating new life stories
Emotional Outcomes
  • Immediately stop your emotional despair from taking over your day and your life
  • Release the emotional trauma that turned on your disease genes and learn how you can turn your healthy genes back on
  • Use the feelings around your illness to empower you on all levels, feel hopeful, inspired and empowered
Energetic Outcomes
  • Master daily cleansing rituals to clear yourself from other people’s toxic thoughts, emotions and energies
  • Release old ancestral patterns and karmic contracts causing anxiety and depression
  • Learn extreme self care techniques to unwind your energy sensitive nervous system
Spiritual Outcomes
  • Cultivate a spiritual practice that will guide you when you are in pain or feel hopeless
  • Learn how to unconditionally love yourself throughout your healing journey
  • Release any judgement, impatience or ill feelings toward yourself for being sick
  • Understand that Lyme is your best friend and will teach you where you need to grow
  • Reawaken and align with your true and authentic self

Wake Up Empath Program 

This One Of A Kind 5-week Program Is Designed To Help You Enbace Being An Exquisite Empath.

What You Receive When You Join The Wake Up Empath Program:

Five (90) minute one on one personal phone sessions designed to help you to master and embrace being an empath.

Learn practical tools and energy medicine techniques that will keep your energy field cleansed, mental thoughts clear, emotional feeling stable and spiritual bodies tingly.

The same way you brush your hair and wash your hands on a daily basis, you will learn how to how to cleanse and nourish your body on all levels –  physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and energetically.

Discover techniques required to MASTER your sensitive soul and regulate your delicate nervous system. Plus, you’ll learn how to connect and stay aligned with your authentic self.  

Each week we focus on one of the 5 bodies.

The first week starts with how to take care of your divine physical vehicle. The following week we will focus on the mental, then the emotional, followed by the spiritual and finally your beloved sensitive & exquisite energetic body.

Wake Up Empath & Thrive – It Is Your Birthright & Duty

“Be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.”- Rumi

During Each Coaching Session You Will Receive:

Empath Empowerment Coaching                                                                                                                                                                    I I I will help you get to the bottom of what is keeping you unclear and stuck on each level. We will unravel and unpack your familial and ancestral trauma, learn how to address psychic attacks and/or energetic dissonances which result from being a gifted empath.  These issues cause you to disconnect from your soul and purpose in life. Then we will call back the shattered pieces of your life, walk you home to your center and re-connect you with the divine within.

Detox, Nutrition and Aromatherapy
I will teach you how to use herbs, oils, supplements, food and vibrational energy medicine devices and techniques to gently detox yourself physically, mentally and emotionally while nourishing your nervous system and cleansing your energetic body.

Muscle Testing/Kinesiology
I will teach you 3 different methods on how to use muscle testing on yourself to remain empowered in between sessions. You can then begin to use these techniques on your kids, friends, family and clients.

Energy Medicine Techniques
Learn a variety of supportive techniques to help you release and rebuild new neural pathways, making it easier to reboot and manage your delicate nervous system.

Intuitive Downloads
Receive intuitive insights and downloads regarding your career, life, future, past life or whatever wants to be shared from the present, past and/or deceased people from your life.


Wake Up Empath Academy Investment In Becoming Empowered

Investment In Becoming An Empowered Empath – $666 or $1111                                                                         

Receive 5 (90) minute or however long it takes for you to internalize your precious time coaching and receiving information packed phone sessions.

Payments can be made via Paypal, check or 10% discount for cash.                                                                                              (Payment plan available upon request)

If you decide to sign up within 24 hours of our Discovery Session receive the program for $999

Not sure if the Wake Up Empath Academy Program is right for you? Let’s talk!                                                               Schedule your FREE Discovery Session below in the pink bar. 

If you are financially challenged, yet fully committed to taking radical responsibility for your life. Paypal offers a card where no interest will be charged on your purchase if you pay it off in full within 6 months.

I look forward to empowering you to Awaken & Thrive As An Empath 

In joy and service, Leila Sun

Receive personal one-on-one coaching from an Empath Empowerment Coach and Intuitive Healer who will have your back, hold you accountable and empowering you to SHINE.

  The Wake Up Empath Program is Designed to Empower You to Master All 5 Aspects of Your Being

Empower yourself with the tools to MASTER your sensitive soul and regulate your delicate nervous system. Connect and stay aligned with your authentic self.

Love, thrive and cherish being an Awakened & Empowered Empath.