Learning how to say no, is a fundamental part of reclaiming and sustaining your health and well being.
Especially saying no to toxic family members – read that again.
It might be painful and scary to say no. 
Yet how much longer are you going to play savior, thinking you can change your spouse, child or parent?
When you repeatedly try to help someone, who has no interest in changing, apologizing or taking responsibility for their actions.
You are not helping.
You are in fact getting in the way of their process. Whether they want to grow and mature, is their decision not yours.
By insinuating yourself into their life. You are misusing your compassion.
If you want to reclaim your health, self esteem and heal your inner child. Practice the following statements:
Instead of saying: I am sick, tired or do not feel good.
Practice becoming comfortable with stating the whole truth: I do not feel comfortable, safe or interested in getting together or going out today.
EMPATHS, doing what you love, what brings you joy, is medicine.
Make your healing and happiness your top priority.
We each walk our own unique beautiful path of growth, that unfolds organically.
Trust and focus on your own flowering and allow those around you to blossom in their own time.
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