Empaths 🙏 In order to reclaim your health, you have to let go of the unhealthy people in your life.

Sometimes it is right away, sometimes it takes years and many due to financial dependency cannot leave and many do – any ways.

Each persons journey is different and I respect the process and timing for each and everyone of you.

You have all been through so much. Many of you feel trapped like there is no way out of your particular “hell hole”.

I am here to say their are always options and opportunities to move forward in your life.

Yet, you have to be as ready and prepare, as much as you can for change.

Most of all, you have to honor your nervous system.

As for some, letting go is more stress full that hanging on. To old and outdated relationships which no longer serve you.

TRUST, you will know when it is time to let go.

Whether it is a spouse, parent, sibling, doctor, practioner, child, co worker etc.

Be gentle with your process. Pushing through does not work when you are an empath.

When you are ready to be done, you will know.

You will feel fear, yet be at peace with your decision.

Become an empowered empath and watch your life transform, into one you love.