Pure joy for me is wild harvesting St.Johnswort Flowers from the fields in Sunshine Canyon, Boulder, CO and making medicine.

Watching the yellow flowers, infused in organic olive oil surrounded by crystals and love, turn into crimson red healing oil.

Is pure alchemical delight. 💖

Herbology has always been and will always be, my first love, when it comes to the healing arts.

I have been harvesting solo and with kindred brothers and sisters, from my Herbs, Healing & Energy Medicine Class.

We will be pressing the oil in a few weeks, to make my Celestial Healing Oil Blend.

Use for burns, bruises, sprains, sore muscles, eczema, hemorrhoids, shingles, herpes and cold sores. If you experience chronic sore muscles, aches and pains, then this oil blend is for you.

Ingredients include, fresh organic and or wild harvested Arnica, St.Johnswort, Calendula flowers, castor oil and magnesium oil.

Truly a one of kind blend, made with lots of tender loving care. Blessed Be Cruelty Free.

Available for purchase August 1st, contact me through my website page.

Blissings, Leila!