“So we’re all exposed to (parasites) and then the question comes up: well, in whom do the parasites become symptomatic, will it cause health issues, and in whom are the parasites there but they are asymptomatic, and who doesn’t have parasites.

Now I would say off the bat, we have not found anybody who does not have parasites. When you actually look, and you put the medical trials on it and some animal trials, we find parasites in pretty much everyone. But the people that have an excess of them, and have chronic fatigue because of the lung worm, or they have chronic liver problems because of the round worms in the liver, or they get pancreatic cancer because of the migration of the round worms into the pancreatic duct.

And those people we took under the microscope, and it is very clear that when people have unresolved psychic connections to either living or deceased people, and there is a breach of outer boundaries to the way people are connected with others, there is usually a breach of the inner boundaries, and then the parasites in us become virulent. They’re breaching the boundary of the mucous membranes in the gut, they invade us deeper, and cause significant symptoms.

And so what we do when we do a parasite treatment and it’s successful and things come out,

… it tends to be that unless we follow that up with some psycho-spiritual work

… that the person needs to learn very quickly to maintain healthy boundaries

… and let go of unhealthy psychic connections with people or entities, the parasites will come back.

So it goes hand-in-hand, the psychic world and the inner world, and the parasites standing on that threshold of both worlds. It’s a really strange thing.” – Dr. Klinghart

If you need support around setting boundaries, this is very much the core of the work I do.

Parasites include: energy vampires, negativity, cynicism, addicts, entities, narcissist, sociopaths and more.

They come in the form of your immediate blood family, parents, siblings and then filter down to your spouses, lovers and companions.

NOTE – As painful as it is, they are your teachers. Showing you where you need to grow.πŸŒŠπŸ™πŸŒŽ

Empaths, because you are so sensitive, loving and compassionate. You are subject to these quite often.

Learn how to set boundaries, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually. Then watch how your health AND life transforms.

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