Dear Beautiful Lyme Warriors and Sweet Empaths,

As a Lyme Whisperer and Intuitive Whisperer, for Energy Sensitive, Empaths and Intuitives, I am passionate about EMPOWERING YOU to Transform – Your Health & Your Life..  

I would love to be your personal coach. Empowering you navigate your healing journey back to health and help you share intuitive gifts with yourself, family, community and the world. 

What does navigating your journey back to health mean? 

It means that I begin by reviewing your present protocol to see what is missing. 

  • I have clients from all over the country who are in various stages of healing. Many have been to some of the best LLMD, yet are still not getting the results they hoped for. I am here to help you figure out why you are not getting results.
  • Many practitioners belittle, do not listen to your concerns or do not believe that your familial and ancestral emotional traumal plays any part in your disease. I am here to listen, hold space and help you indentify and shift the mental, emotional, and spirtual aspects of this disease.
  • Together we figure out if you need to address; dental, mold, emf, detox, infrared, diet, emotional, mental, energetic, ancestral, family of origin, neural pathways ETC. I am here to show you what needs to be handled next and how to begin.
  • Many of the clients I work with already have the tools they need. They may have a far infrared sauna or ion cleanse, but do not know how to use it effectively and feel worse afterwards. I am here to tutor you on what supplements to use before and afterwards, what temperature to use and length of time. So you feel good afterwards and reap the rewards of detoxification.
  • Many clients have the supplements they need and know what foods to eat, yet do not have the discipline or resist following through. Need support with new recipes, organizing and making food taste good. I am here to help you discover the underlying reasons why they might not want to nourish themselves and see cooking as a chore instead of self care, along with providing healthy and delicious nourishing recipes.
  • I then help them figure out how to assemble and put together all the pieces of their puzzle. So that you actually make progress and feel better.

As your personal Transformational Lyme, Life & Empath Coach:

I personally understand the time, energy and perseverance it takes to heal. I am here to show you how to tweak your program, get results, support you emotionally, keep from going down depressing rabbit holes, help you rebuild positive neural pathways and guide you back home. Healing from Lyme is not a black and white process. There are a lot of gray areas that you will need to be comfortable with. I have had to do this for myself and am qualified to do this for you. 

What does navigating your way to owning your intuitive gifts and being an empath mean?

It means that we begin by reviewing your gifts, usually from childhood. Look at what has blocked you from using them and teach you how to cultivate, honor and bring them to the world. For example…

  • I recently had a client who signed up for my Highly Sensitive Warrior Program. She was a succesfull acupuncturist, yet for years when people would lie down on her table. Any recently deceased relatives or friends of her client would come and give her messages. If that was not enough, she would receive intuitive insights into their particular health challenge.
  • This had been going on for years and she was scared to tell anyone, especially her husband and even some of her friends. She kept this part of her secret for years. For fear of the stigma attached to coming out and that she might lose her practice and reputation.
  • We used astrology and numerology to discover her strengths, weaknesses. life lessons and mission.
  • We built her self confidence through life coaching, energy work, essential oils, deep relaxation and fun. Cleared out old beliefs, released ancestral patterns and moved out blocked energy. We then created a new program that integrated her talents as an acupuncturist and gifts as a medium and intuitive.
  • Now she offers a customized program for clients she feels are ready. She finally shared with her gifts with her husband and friends who were incredibly receptive and accepting. 
  • You might not be a practitioner, yet would secretly like to use your gifts. Or maybe you already have gifts and you need some support in developing them. Would like to create a business model where you can bring your gifts to the world. Or you may simply wish to discover and use them in your private and personal life.

                             As a wise palm reader once told me there is a penalty for not using your gifts in this life time.                                 Are you payting the price for not using your gifts?

What you will receive in your Transform Lyme 4 month private coaching program:

  • 8 (90) minute private Transformational Life and Lyme coaching sessions.
  • In person or on the phone, use sessions as needed within your 4 months
  • Unlimited email access, to ask questions, share concerns or celebrations 
  • My expertise in nutrition, herbal medicine and detoxification 
  • What kind of foods to eat for your body type and present health challenges
  • Recipes for healing foods, soup broth, whole foods, herbal teas, green drinks,and more
  • How to cope with narcissistic, partner or family members who belittle or dont believe you are ill
  • Release old familial belief patterns keeping you stuck and sick
  • Learn why Lyme has come into your life and what it has to teach

What you will receive in your 4 month private coaching The Highly Sensitive Warrior Program:

  • 8 (90) minute private Transformational Life and Intuitive coaching sessions
  • In person or on the phone, use sessions as needed within your 4 months
  • Unlimited email access, to ask questions, share concerns or celebrations 
  • Learn what gifts you came into the world with, which of the clairs, medium etc
  • Develop these gifts and use them in your daily life for yourself, friends and family
  • Learn how to monetize your gifts, by creating a program you feel comfortable with
  • How to cope with narcissistic, partner or family members who belittle or dont believe in what you do
  • Release old familial and ancestral beliefs and patterns keeping you stuck and from shining

Yes, many of my clients create their own  program by weaving together pieces from each…

When I was in the trenches of my Lyme journey, I was truly alone. I lived in a small mountain town and later on the Navajo Indian Reservation. I raised my kids by myself, as my husband was a workaholic, emotionally unavailable and did not believe I was sick.There was little awareness of Lyme at the time and I was hours from a doctor, naturopath or wellness center.

Because of the isolation geographically I had to dig deep and do my own research. Even when I finally was healed from the Lyme infection, I did not feel better and began to teach myself about detoxification, th psycho spiritual and energetic pieces of healing. It was during that time I created my signature Transform Lyme program.

After I healed from Lyme. I began to cultivate and honor my gifts as an empath and intuitive, embracing all that means and most importantly doing a lot of inner work grounding and setting boundaries. A large part of my healing has been owning and weaving my intuitive gifts into my healing practice and life.

Have you ever dreamed of having an intuitive Lyme coach who knows from personal experience what it is like to transform from Lyme. Who went from giving readings to friends, to getting paid to give Intuitive Readings? Who can show you the missing pieces to your Lyme puzzle and how to put them together.

I became a Lyme coach because it is my mission in life to empower people with Lyme and those who are empathic, intuitive and energy sensitive to transform their health and life into one they love. Stay tuned for future blogs on spirit medicine, detoxification, delicious sweet treats and much more…

PS. Transform Lyme and Wake Up Empath are 4 month private coaching programs. These programs are available on the phone. Feel free to contact me for further details and to set up a Discovery Session, where we get to know each other and see if my program might benefit you!

Love, Leila!