Do you have Lyme, CFS, FM, autoimmune disease or a chronic illness?

In order for you to heal. You must first and foremost feel safe in the world.

You will not heal until you address your fear and trauma.

As a highly sensitive empath, trauma causes energetic dissonance and frazzles your delicate nervous system.

This energetic dissonance in turn causes digestive, lymphatic, endocrine, reproductive, immune, respiratory and whole body health challenges.

Ultimately shutting down and blocking your detoxification pathways from moving out toxins, on all levels.

These toxins include, heavy metals, negative thoughts, jarring emotions, spiritual disharmony and energetic discord.


Fear causes everything in your body, mind and spirit to contract.


When you are contracted.

From internalizing conscious and subconscious fear and trauma. From your family, ancestral lineage and the collective unconscious. As well as from the PTSD that comes with being raised by a narcissistic parent, or are stressed out by work, family, financial and worldly concerns.

Your internal organs become energetically paralyzed thus your detoxification pathways become physically constricted. Making it difficult for your psyche to feel safe enough, to allow the toxins, on all levels to flow and release.

Keeping you ill and unable to heal.

All disease is a form of constipation, from feeling stuck in some area of your life.


Empaths, if you are struggling with an illness.

It is time for you to embrace, honor and shift your trauma, thereby learning how to feel safe in the world.

No more hiding out using your disease, as a way to run away from the dysfunctional and toxic relationships in your life.

Time to learn how to manage your sensitive nervous system and protect yourself from narcissists, predators and energy vampires, who are often your family members.

You have to address the physical aspect of disease by being tested for bacteria, virus, yeast, fungus, mold, parasites and heavy metals. I am not discounting this piece. It is foundational to your healing, yet if you are a highly sensitive empath, who has endured tremendous trauma.

You will have to learn how to transform your trauma, by owning your power. By owning your power, you will feel safe enough to be in the world and it will signal to your physical body, that it is safe to heal now.

In addressing your trauma, we will have reflected upon your mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic health and supported you in transforming those as well.

If you are finally ready to heal from a chronic health challenge, such as Lyme, CFS, FM or an autoimmune dis-ease.

And would like to know more about how to feel safe in the world and reclaim your health and life.

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I had Lyme disease, CFS, migraines, severe anxiety, constant brain fog and debilitating fatigue for most of my life.

Once I felt better physically. I discovered the importance of honoring how energetically sensitive I was and began to see the impact it had on my health.

I started to reflect on how I sabotaged my health and life. Due to negative neural pathways that had become deeply ingrained in my nervous system, making me subconsciously addicted to being sick.

Feeling like a victim all the time.

I really did not know who I was without my fatigue, anxiety, pain and misery.

It took me years to begin to heal, by allowing myself to feel joy and do things I loved.

If you have read this much then I am guessing you can relate to what I am sharing about my “past” life.

If you would like to find out how I healed or learn about my transformational Lyme, Life & Empath Program.

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I see healing from chronic illness as a Spiritual Initiation and Rite Of Passage.

I am here for you. You do not have to navigate your  healing journey alone