“There is a deep relationship between the collective consciousness and the physical world.”
Empath’s you have the ability to “feel” into the collective consciousness.
The collective consciousness, mirror’s back to us the story we are being fed and expected to believe.
At this time in our history, the story we are being told, is riddled with fear, producing tremendous anxiety. This anxiety directly affects our nervous system, by shutting it down. We become unable to keep our thoughts forms positive and connect to our heart. Keeping us stuck, resonating in a heavy and dense vibration.
“Our thoughts are vibrations sent out to the field, vibrations are the sole source that controls the particle matter so our thoughts are vibrations that influence the field.” – Bruce Lipton
An un-empowered empath, will believe everything they are told.
As they are still looking outside of themselves for direction and guidance. They are still working through their familial wounds around power, control and authority figures.
Projecting their unhealed wrath from their toxic childhood, onto a government filled with sociopaths. Keeping them stuck, spinning in a neural loop of frustration, anxiety and anger.
Always feeling victimized and powerless in life. Leaving them paralyzed and unable to manifest and co create the narrative they want, in their life.
On the other hand.
An empowered empath has entered the dark night of the soul and done their inner work. Learned how to ground, center and anchor in their connection to divine love with far reaching roots.
Able to witness the collective conscious, while not become attached or triggered.
Able to discern where the narrative needs to change.
Have the discipline and motivation to cultivate and use their thoughts, actions, feelings, vibrations and ultimately, their intuitive gifts, to shift and transform our present timeline. Out of the dark and into the light.
“Our hearts is a very serious generator of electrical vibration in the field. You can read the activity of someones heart from 12-15 ft away. If we put our consciousness coming through our heart, it amplifies the consciousness at a magnitude greater than what it is. Then our consciousness has more power in influencing the character of our lives and those around us.” – Bruce Lipton
The ability to read the collective, is a gift.
It gives you the capacity to affect tremendous change and responsibility to facilitate healing in the collective sphere.
By consciously becoming an energetic reference point, for all the pinging energies spinning out looking for solace. Creating space for their energy to land, reset and feel love.
“The health of the collective consciousness directly affects and creates what happens in the physical world. When a critical mass of people, even 1% of the population, practices, prayer and meditation it creates coherence for the whole field to tune into and transform.” – Bruce Lipton
Stewarding the earth, treating your body as a temple, prayer, meditation, grounding and allowing joy and happiness into your life. Is the biggest gift you can give yourself, community and planet, in order for it to heal.
“There is a deep relationship between the collective consciousness and the physical world.”
Is reading the collective consciousness one of your intuitive gifts? Are you ready to discover, cultivate and perhaps monetize your intuitive gifts and bring them to the world?
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“There is a deep relationship between the collective consciousness and the physical world.”